Events in Belgium October 2024

Belgium, located in Western Europe, has a diversified economy and a mix of industrial and service sectors. The country is well-known for its chocolate, beer, and waffles, but it is also home to several major industries.

Chemicals: Belgium is a major producer of chemicals, accounting for about 15% of the country's GDP. The industry has a focus on producing specialty chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, and fertilizers. Major companies such as Solvay and BASF operate in the sector.

Automotive: Belgium has a well-established automotive industry, with major companies such as Volvo, Audi, and Opel operating in the country. The industry has a focus on producing luxury cars and automotive components.

Food and Beverages: Belgium is well-known for its food and beverage industry, producing famous products such as chocolate, beer, and waffles. The industry is a major employer in the country and contributes significantly to the country's GDP.

Textiles: Belgium has a long history of producing high-quality textiles and fashion, with major companies such as Belgian Textile Federation and Calzedonia operating in the sector.

Services: Belgium has a well-developed service sector, with a focus on finance, tourism, and international trade. The country is home to several major banks and financial institutions, including BNP Paribas and KBC Group.

Energy: Belgium has a developing energy sector, with a focus on increasing energy efficiency and developing renewable energy sources. The country has significant potential for wind and solar energy, with major projects currently under development.

Overall, Belgium is a country with a diverse range of industries and significant potential for growth and development. With its skilled workforce, strategic location, and strong infrastructure, Belgium offers many opportunities for businesses, investors, and tourists alike.

Events in Belgium 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
03.10.2024 Dentex 2024 Brussels, Brussels Expo
05.10.2024 Bis 2024 Gent, Flanders Expo
07.10.2024 Devoxx Belgium 2024 Antwerp, Crowne Plaza Antwerpen
08.10.2024 Antwerp XL 2024 Antwerp, Antwerp Expo
09.10.2024 European Symposium On Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning 2024 Brugge, Hotel Novotel Brugge Centrum
12.10.2024 Energie & Habitat 2024 Namur, Namur Expo
17.10.2024 Aquarama Trade Fair 2024 Leuven , Brabanthal
20.10.2024 Prowood 2024 Gent, Flanders Expo
22.10.2024 Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Summit 2024 Brussels, DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels City
24.10.2024 Worksafe Namur 2024 Namur, Namur Expo

Devoxx Belgium 2024

Antwerp, Belgium

The Devoxx Belgium is a conference where developers and architects come together and explore the latest technology advancements and fascinating ideas, with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector

Prowood 2024

Gent, Belgium

Prowood Expo is a high-quality trade fair for professionals in the woodworking industry, related a to z for wood