Events in Lithuania 2024-2025

Lithuania is a small country located in northeastern Europe, bordered by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east and south, Poland to the south, and the Baltic Sea to the west. Despite its small size, Lithuania has a diverse economy with several key industries. Here is an overview of some of the major industries in Lithuania.

Lithuania has emerged as a hub for information technology, with a growing number of startups and established companies in the sector. The country has a highly skilled workforce and a favorable business environment, with low taxes and a supportive government. Major companies in the IT sector in Lithuania include Barclays, Nasdaq, and Uber.

Manufacturing is a significant industry in Lithuania, with a focus on electronics, automotive components, and machinery. The country has a highly skilled workforce and a favorable business environment, which has attracted significant investment from foreign companies. Major manufacturers in Lithuania include Continental, Delphi, and Schneider Electric.

Lithuania has a significant energy industry, with a focus on renewable energy and nuclear power. The country's government has made a significant investment in wind and solar power, and Lithuania is home to the largest wind farm in the Baltic region. The country also operates a nuclear power plant, which provides a significant portion of the country's energy needs.

Agriculture is a significant industry in Lithuania, with a focus on crops such as wheat, barley, and potatoes. The country is also a significant producer of dairy products, and the dairy industry accounts for a significant portion of the country's exports. The government has been working to support the agricultural sector, with a focus on promoting sustainable farming practices and expanding export markets.

Tourism is a growing industry in Lithuania, with the country's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty attracting visitors from around the world. The country is home to a range of historic sites, including medieval castles and UNESCO World Heritage sites, as well as beautiful natural landscapes such as forests and lakes.

Despite its strengths, Lithuania faces several challenges in terms of economic development. The country has a relatively small domestic market, which limits growth in certain sectors. The country also faces demographic challenges, with a declining population and a shortage of skilled workers in certain industries.

Lithuania has a diverse and growing economy, with several key industries that have the potential for significant growth. The country's favorable business environment and highly skilled workforce make it an attractive location for foreign investment. With continued investment and innovation, Lithuania has the potential to become a leading economy in the region.

Events in Lithuania 2024-2025

Date Exhibition name City and Exhibition center
14.03.2024 International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip 2024 Vilnius , LITEXPO
21.03.2024 Ka pasesi 2024 Kaunas, ASU pavilions
05.04.2024 Home World 2024 Kaunas, Zalgiris Arena
12.04.2024 Cinderella 2024 Vilnius , LITEXPO
25.04.2024 Furniture and Design Solutions 2024 Vilnius , LITEXPO
25.04.2024 Resta Expo 2024 Vilnius , LITEXPO
04.10.2024 Artvilnius 2024 Vilnius , LITEXPO
13.11.2024 BuildStuff Software Development Conference 2024 Vilnius , Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva

International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip 2024

Vilnius , Lithuania

Amber Trip aims to create a special environment allowing each of the participant or guest to feel feels like home, no matter what continent they came from. It showcases product from finished jewellery manufacturers, designers, loose gemstones suppliers, raw materials, raw amber and amber jewellery

Ka pasesi 2024

Kaunas, Lithuania

Ka pasesi is an outstanding event in the agricultural sector not only in Lithuania, but also internationally

Home World 2024

Kaunas, Lithuania

Home World exhibition features The most reliable manufacturers and suppliers presenting the latest trends in the construction industry, A display of furniture and interiors, The Winch construction conference, A conference on real estate: trends and developments, The latest real estate projects at the Dwellings exposition, including credit services and consultations, etc

Resta Expo 2024

Vilnius , Lithuania

Resta Expo is the largest international construction exhibition in the Baltic States aimed at construction industry professionals and end-users interested in construction and renovation

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